VPN connection to Bitrise

hello, does anyone have experience or share learnings (success/failure) on setting up VPN (preferably AWS) to Bitrise. I have read some docs on Bitrise & I am exploring option for a small team of developers who would like to setup VPN connection to Bitrise using AWS VPN services. Has anyone tried this configuration before? Did it work & what were the learnings, if any. I don’t suppose it is going to be that straight forward given that AWS VPN is not listed as supported.


I don’t have experience with AWS VPN, but basically I think you would just need a script step to install the client, provide the config file, then execute the client app to connect.

We do have the OpenVPN step that you can take a look at. It is very simplistic but might give you an idea. There is also the community step for Cisco VPN.

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thanks Cathy, I am trying to make sense out of what you’ve shared. I didn’t think that VPN connectivity to bitrise is going to be tricky. Maybe someone from bitrise support could do a short video showing VPN configuration from start to finish, shouldn’t take long. I will try to figure it out but I am sure the video will help other users like me who are finding VPN setup difficult.

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