How do I collect build artefacts with "buildslugs: $ROUTER_STARTED_BUILD_SLUGS"?

I’m trying to fan out bitrise flow and run lint and unit tests suite in parallel. I’m following this bitrsise.yml example bitrise-fan-out-sample-android/bitrise.yml at master · tamasbazs/bitrise-fan-out-sample-android · GitHub from this tutorial Speeding up Android builds by 'fanning out' tests on Bitrise | Bitrise. However, i can’t find where buildslugs: $ROUTER_STARTED_BUILD_SLUGS is used. As far as I know this command is used to collect artefacts. Any ideas?


The Bitrise Start Build step generates $ROUTER_STARTED_BUILD_SLUGS. This variable contains a list of the build slugs for the builds that the step kicks off. The step itself uses this if “Wait for builds” is set to true in ordered to keep track of the builds started and when they finish.

If you need the build slugs for the builds started, you can use this variable as well. Typically I would think this would be for use with API calls The tutorial provides a link to a sample step that contains a script that uses the variable with the Bitrise API to download the build artifacts:

However, the Bitrise Build Start step has been improved since this tutorial was written. The step now provides the ability to specify a path for build artifacts will be saved when “Wait for builds” is set to true. You can just provide a path in the step input “The path of the build artifacts”.

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