Update sdk versions of several imported projects

In my project there are several dependency projects which has separate build.gradles with different buildToolVersions. On the point of project run all the projects should be sync altogether to have a normalized buil-tool-version of the root project.

As a workaround i checked adding ‘Android SDK Update’ step to the workflow, but I couldn’t specify the gradle file path there.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Kaniz_92,

Could you please share a bit more about the issue? Do you have a build you could link where you experienced issue with the Install Missing Android Tools step? Or the problem is related to another step? :thinking:

As you can see in Android SDK update it can specify build tool versions and all, but not the gradle file path.

Scenario is like this. I have a react-native application, several react-native modules that used has been converted into android dependencies in the android path. Each of these dependencies has different build tool versions from the root one, which is 26.0.2.

Before project build I want to upgrade the build tool versions of these dependencies to 26.0.2 and sync all.

If this explanation not clear enough please let know.

Which step is this @Kaniz_92? :thinking:

Android SDK Update

Ahh, that’s what I thought! That step is not developed/maintained by us, so if you want to use it please report the issue on the step’s issue tracker (https://github.com/guitcastro/steps-update-sdk).

Or change to our Install Missing Android Tools step, which is developed & maintained by us :wink:

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Will look into those as well.

As a workaround I came up with adding ‘Change value in file’ step to modify build.gradle to modify subprojects section as in follows.

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Sure, that works too, and might be a great idea to combine with the Install Missing Android Tools step, as that installs the tools based on the gradle build file :wink:

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