Android - automatic dependency installer (e.g. build-tools) step : Install missing Android tools

The step repo:

This new step will analyze your Android (gradle) project, determine the desired compile sdk version (android-xx package), build tools version (build-tools-x.x.x package) and if google play services or support library is used and also installs the missing tools.

How / where to add this Step to your existing Workflow:

You can add this step (Install missing Android tools) right after the Git Clone step in your workflow, and that’s all!

If you have a recent Android project, where GRADLE_BUILD_FILE_PATH is set as an App Env Var (the automatic scanner adds this environment variable for Android projects automatically for quite some time now), you don’t have to set anything else!

If your project does not have the GRADLE_BUILD_FILE_PATH App Env Var then you can either set this to the relative path of the root build.gradle file (e.g.: ./MyAndroidProject/build.gradle if your android project is in a sub directory called MyAndroidProject inside your repository, or simply ./build.gradle if build.gradle is in your repository’s root) as an App Env Var, or simply specify the path for this new step’s Path to the root build.gradle file input. Or, alternatively, register your repository again on, to get an up to date, auto-generated base workflow! :wink:


Awesome @godreikrisztian! :wink:

When will this be released? :wink: I’d love to suggest this step as a solution for these issues Android compile issue (SDK Build tools license) / Weekly Virtual Machine / Stack updates - 2017.01.14 , instead of the Script step…

Actually, one more idea: should this step be able to gradlew dependencies? Maybe with a retry? E.g. to solve issues like:

Edit: not a good idea, as gradlew dependencies does not accept the licenses, so you’ll end up with issues like Android compile issue (SDK Build tools license) …

Maybe with built in license handling somehow…

Regarding to

The first version of the step is ready, i just need to share it, then include the step in the default android workflow generated by the scanner.

It should be done in a couple of hours.

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Awesome, thank you! :heart:

install-missing-android-tools step’s first version (0.9.1) is available in the steplib.


Hurray!! :rocket: :wink:

project-scanner@1.0.0 is available in the steplib with the new install-missing-android-tools step.


I just checked step sources. Huge amount of work, @godreikrisztian :scream:


Thanks, we try to do our best :wink:

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