Update Changelog from Workflow

Hey, I’m working on a new workflow in Bitrise for my team’s app, and one of the things we want to do with this workflow is update the version of the app and generate a new Changelog. Usually the way we accomplish this is with npm run release -- --release-as x.x.x (x.x.x being replaced by the version number we want to update to). I added this command to a Fastlane lane which is being run from the Bitrise workflow, but when it’s run, seemingly every change we’ve ever made is added to the Changelog under the new x.x.x version. The new Changelog is supposed to be updated based on the last Git tag and only include changes since the last tag under the new version’s section, so I’m wondering if Bitrise just doesn’t have access to those tags, and if so, how can I avail them to Bitrise for this purpose?

Adding a git fetch --tags script step after the Git Clone Repository step in the workflow availed the tags and fixed the issue.