Git clone the latest tag with a pattern


This is the first time I use Bitrise and I need help to clone only the latest tag with the prefix “tested-*”. I’ve already made a workflow that will be scheduled every hour between 9AM-6PM every workday for testing. At the end of the workflow, I’ve added a step to add a tag “tested-{timestamp}” for the latest green build. Right now, I’m trying to do a workflow that will fetch the latest “tested” tag at the end of the day to build and deploy to Testflight. The problem is I can’t seem to fetch the specific tag even though I’ve overridden the $BITRISE_GIT_TAG environment variable to tested-*. So how do I clone a commit with that specific tag?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I don’t need to trigger it on every tag push so I don’t need a trigger_map for this, I think.



Nevermind. I guess it’s not possible to do so. I’ve switched to triggering on push commit. Thanks.