Trigger tag does not seem to launch Workflow


In my project, we are using the website to define our workflow and triggers, and we are connected to Gitlab.

We have a push trigger that launch a workflow, that definitely works good for that part.

Yet, there is a part i do not manage to make work, is the tag trigger.

On my project, i create a tag trigger, named “test” here, that will launch a workflow i defined on the website (we don’t use bitrise.yml, we do everything on the website directly).

From the other side, i go to Gitlab, and do a tag creation, named “test”. I tried doing this tag on develop and master branch, i can see it in the tags list on Gitlab.

After the tag creation, i am expecting my workflow to be launched, but nothing seems to happen.

Any ideas about the point i’m missing for the configuration?


[Solved] I forgot to precise to Gitlab webhooks that Tag pushs should be exposed

On Gitlab, go to Setting > Webhooks, and check the following checkbox:

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