TestFairy Deploy v2.1.1

We have released a new version (2.1.1) TestFairy Deploy step.


  • change is_expand on the API Key to true, as it’s expected to be passed from Secrets
  • step.yml clean
  • release config added
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Feature request, if I may (and I’m not sure if it’s already supported, but I was unable to do this), support for custom TestFairy endpoints, like whatever.testfairy.com. :smiley:

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@ivan_melnikov TestFairy has a self hosted / on-premise version? I didn’t know that!

Can you please create a #feature-request with the related docs/links?

Also just a note: the step is open source so if you have some time feel free to send a PR yourself! :wink:

Happy to answer any questions you might have :wink: