Tell me how much more money to give you

Description of the feature request

I’ve noticed blocked builds recently because we only have two concurrent builds. However, I couldn’t work out:

  1. How much total time had builds been in a “waiting” state.
  2. Following from #1, how much concurrency should I add to our account.

It would be very nice if Bitrise at least told us about #1, but would be even nicer if it saved us the trouble of working out #2. This seems like the kind of thing that Bitrise should be emailing the account owner when it notices a lot of time being spent “waiting”.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

To give you more money and unblock us at the same time.

Hi! Viktor from the technical sales team here.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve started discussing with our team to send a notification if users experience frequent waiting builds.

What I can help you with at this time is recommend resources based on what teams with similar needs to yours are using so you can optimise cost for performance. Can you ping me at so we can set up a short call?