Enterprise pricing customers can now view Concurrency utilisation and queue history

Conquer Your Queues and Rule Your Concurrencies! (Enterprise Users Only)

Struggling to predict concurrency bottlenecks or understand mysterious build queues plaguing your Mac and Linux builds? Say goodbye to the guesswork!

Unleash the power of:

  • Concurrency & Queue Trends: Visualize historical usage patterns to predict future needs and optimize your concurrency limits for both macOS and Linux builds.
  • Granular App Insights: Drill down to see exactly which apps are hogging your concurrencies and impacting queue times, promoting accountability and informed resource allocation.

Dominate your development workflow with:

  • Informed Concurrency Upgrades: Make data-driven decisions about expanding your plan based on actual usage, saving costs and boosting efficiency.
  • Turbocharged Team Performance: Identify and eliminate bottlenecks with pinpoint accuracy, accelerating development cycles and keeping your team productive.
  • Platform Confidence: Gain crystal-clear insights into build performance, alleviating concerns about potential Bitrise platform slowness.

Ready to reign supreme over your build process? Contact our team today to unlock these game-changing features!

Note: This feature is currently available for Enterprise pricing customers only.

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