Surface Xcode Test Results as Bitrise Output Variable


Feature request to have number of tests passing vs. failing as an output variable for Xcode tests. Or at least the names of the tests that failed.


How to print Log summary and the test that does not pass

Thanks for the #feature-request @juliancmg!

How exactly would that look like? Can you provide an example?

Wouldn’t that be a “too long” list? E.g. what if you have 100+ tests?

But to see why exactly that test failed you’d still have to open the related page, right?
I mean, from only “Test X failed” you won’t have enough information why it failed.

P.S.: you can include the build URL in your slack message, with $BITRISE_BUILD_URL



Hi Viktor, noted - I didn’t think through the implications of if ALL the tests were reported as in my original feature request. I’ve updated the summary to match maybe more of a regular use case for Slack alerts (high level).

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Still, do you have any example idea?
All I can think of won’t solve that you still have to go to the build’s page to check the logs/details, which don’t really solve the problem (I guess the problem is that you don’t even want to check the build page, only Slack).



Would be nice at least to get numbers of tests ran, how many passed / failed… Other CI platforms I’ve used like Jenkins make that available. Currently BITRISE_XCODE_TEST_RESULT just outputs “failed” which doesn’t tell me much. Yes I can go into the build on Bitrise then click into the test results but it’s nice to have the numbers there in Slack for my team to see.



Have you found a solution to the problem?