Support UI-testing for (multiple) dynamic feature modules (Android)

Description of the feature request

Right now, the “Android Build for UI Testing” only supports specifying 1 module to test, it will then, build an apk file that is not installable by the “[BETA] Virtual Device Testing for Android” step.
I would like to specify a list of modules that i want to test. Also the step should create an universal apk file for the app itself.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Any app that consists of dynamic features and has UI tests should want this.
The developer can specify what the main application module is (just like in the “Android build” step) as well as a list of modules that need to be tested.
Also, support told me that “[BETA] Virtual Device Testing for Android” can only be run once per build, so that might need some work as well.

Probably duplicated of Android: Virtual Device Testing on multiple modules