Android: Virtual Device Testing on multiple modules


I have instrumentation tests in about 5 different gradle modules. Each should be run with different build flavors.

The current setup just allows instrumentation tests for (simple?) projects which rely on a single module.

It would be great if this structure would be supported.


Thanks for the #feature-request @PaulWoitaschek!

Possible workarounds in the meantime (if you’d have to run instrumentation tests on Firebase TestLab for multiple separate APKs/modules):

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink:


Another work around is to use parallel flows:


Hi @viktorbenei, do you have a solution in the workings for this?

I’d like to run UI tests (Virtual Device Tests) for two different build flavors in the same module. However, this also produces two different APK files.

Unless your account allows for build parallelization, I guess the only option still is to create a separate App for each build flavor that needs Virtual Device Testing?




there is no need for 2 separate apps, use 2 separate workflows with workflow specific env vars to specify which one you would like to run.