Step to create a branch and PR

Description of the feature request

Given a trigger branch X (example: master)
and a target branch Y (Example: develop)

The step should;

  1. Create a branch origin/merge-X-to-Y/{{ X.commitHash }} (Where X.commitHash = commit hash of the trigger branch)
  2. Optionally if enabled (i.e. via an input parameter), create a PR on the git hub repo to merge the branch created in 1 to Y.
    • Configuration can support providing title, body, reviewers, etc configurations to be added to the PR

Use case / for what or how I would use it

When adopting a git-flow strategy with GitHub, where a master and develop branches maintained as persistent branches, when commits are pushed to master (i.e. a new release) this needs to be merged back to develop.

This step would automate the PR creating process.