Step create plugin - quickly generate a new step

This plugin is still work in progress, but can now be used for creating new steps.

Repo can be found at:

Right now it implements a step create command which should cover everything to get started with Bitrise Step Development.

It’s worth to mention that this plugin will implement other Step related functionality, like list, info, edit, share,…

How to install / update this plugin?

The plugin is now part of the Bitrise CLI core plugins, so if you have Bitrise CLI 1.6.1 or newer you don’t have to install it (related release announcement: Monthly release of Bitrise CLI tools and summary of updates (May, 2017) - CLI v1.6.1).

When there’s an update you can install the update with:

bitrise plugin update step

How to use this plugin?

bitrise :step ...

E.g. to print the plugin’s version:

bitrise :step version

Or to create a new Step:

bitrise :step create

For more info & available commands simply run:

bitrise :step

which will print the plugin’s help.

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Basic create command is now ready, and can initialize a Bash based step.

We’re still working on the Go based step support, as well as on a complete experience including share. For now Step sharing works the same way as before, by running bitrise run share-this-step in the Step’s dir (the share-this-step is a workflow in the Step’s bitrise.yml which is auto generated by create / part of the step template).


  1. The plugin will be added to this month’s Bitrise CLI release as a core plugin, which means it’ll be installed by the CLI automatically, you won’t have to install it yourself.
  2. We’ll try to finish the base Bash & Go step create & share experience this week, and will be published as a plugin update, which you’ll be able to install with a simple bitrise plugin update step after the CLI release tomorrow.

The step plugin is now part of the Bitrise CLI core plugins since v1.6.0.

If you have that or a newer Bitrise CLI you no longer have to install the step plugin manually, you can simply use the plugin with:

bitrise :step

E.g. to create a new step:

bitrise :step create

New version (0.9.2) was released, with toolkit selection. It’s now possible to generate both Bash and Go toolkit steps with the plugin.

v0.9.3 was just released: it can now auto-fill the website and other URL properties in the step.yml, as well as auto detect the Go package name from that.

With this all the basic functionality is now available for both Bash and Go toolkit based steps, and the generated step should be in “ready to share” state right after the (successful) generation :rocket:

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for me the plugin fails on MacOS 10.2:
ERROR: Failed to write template into file: Failed to evaluate template: Failed to find templates dir/box: could not locate box “templates”
Thanks for any help

Hi @joergbirkhold, sorry to hear about that! Can you please either contact us on our on-site chat with this or post your full terminal output in a separate #issues thread?