Status "on hold" is missleading in builds list

I just had two builds running and two more builds in the queue and their status was “on hold”. I find this a bit misleading and find “waiting” to be more specific. “On hold” suggests for me that someone paused them.

Also in the project overview the state seems to always show the state of the latest queue entry which was “on hold”. So I was wondering why 2 of 3 projects where idling and one was “on hold”. “Running” would have been correct.

Keep it up!

Hi @martinbreuer!

Thanks for contacting us!

I think we prefer the term “On hold” because the builds are indeed put on wait by something (an occupied concurrency in most cases) as opposed to “Waiting” which not implying that the wait in itself has a purpose, but we’re glad to have your insight on this! :slightly_smiling_face:

As for what you described after, it sounds like a website related issue. Can you perhaps take a screenshot of it should you experience it again, for us to investigate?

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