Start build via webhook

Hi, we are currently integrating Xamarin test Cloud for a variety of UI tests. We currently do all tests inline in our release worklfow and after all tests succeeded we release the app from the workflow. Unfortunately, the Xamarin Test Cloud takes too long to complete the UI tests, so we are running into the 45 minutes limit.

We now want to start the test at Xamarin and finish the worklfow without releasing. Xamarin sends a email to us as soon as the tests are completed. Then we want to trigger one of two worflows, depeding on if the tests succeeded or failed. Those workflows just release or delete the APK build and signed by the previous worflow.

The question is how to start those wokflows? I know you have a webhook integration, but how to trigger a build? We must no trigger the build for a specific branch or commit as the APKs are already prepared and ready to go.

Thanks for you help!

You can use the Build Trigger API for this:

The question is, where are those stored? If you store them on e.g. Amazon S3 you can download them in a new build, but if stored on as a build artifact then unfortunately you can’t access those right now (a build can only access its own files). That said we’re working on the API feature request, which will add functionality for this use case, feel free to vote & comment:

If you have any questions just let us know!

Thanks! We will look into it! The Trigger API looks awsome.

We are storing them on a FTP server so far :slight_smile:

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