Chaining Workflow Execution

Since we’ve introduced Unit Test step on our iOS mobile workflow build time has increased a lot and sometimes we encounter Timeout. To prevent that I was thinking about the possibility to have two workflows that chaining one with the others, for example:

  1. Push happens on branch “develop”
  2. Trigger match right pattern and start workflow UT (unit tests)
  3. After workflow UT has done, workflow DEV starts

Available build time should be 45 + 45 minutes, right?
Thanks you very much for the support.

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Hi @MOLO17,

Great idea!

You can do something like this using the Build Trigger API (related discussions: Start build via webhook - #2 by viktorbenei and Can a bitrise "build" be triggered from more than one repository? - #4 by viktorbenei), or feel free to vote & comment on this #feature-request (or create a new one, as this is only semi-related I think):