Specifying node version in bitrise

Hello, I would like to specify the version of node that bitrise uses in builds. This link says that bitrise integrates with nvm, but I have added a .nvmrc to my projects and run a bitrise build, and I couldn’t see anything in the logs about what version of node was used.

I did see this in the logs:

Autodetecting npm version
Checking package.json for npm version
Could not read version information from package.json
Locating system installed npm
npm found at /usr/local/bin/npm
$ npm "--version"
system npm version: 6.14.15

Which implies that the version of NPM can be set in package.json, but it is not obvious how to do that either. Is there a way to specify what versions of node and/or NPM are used in bitrise builds?

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It appears you are referring to the “Node Version Manager” step. Please note that this is a community step and not supported by Bitrise. You may have better luck posting your issue on the issues tab: