Slack - pinned items / links?

Would it be possible that when the Slack workflow item sends a message on successful build, it also pins that message? In my successful build message I send the public app URL to the channel. It’d be fantastic if the pinned items list on the right would always have a link to the latest build of the app!

I’m not sure if this is possible through Slack’s API.

If you can find anything related in the webhook/messages API (basic message API / attachments API) let us know, or send a Pull Request into the Slack message step’s repo :wink:

Slack has a pins API - but I’m not sure if this is exposed outside of Slack apps.

Well, if you can figure out how this could be integrated into the Slack step, we’d be happy to review & accept the Pull Request :wink:

Or of course feel free to create a #feature-requests