Single Pipeline Slack Notification

I currently have a pipeline setup like the following

Originally when I created this, I had all workflows within the pipeline publishing their success/failure to our slack, which got a bit cluttered. I then tried to make it so that the final workflow (NightlyPublishTest) would be the one in charge of publishing the slack notification so that we only get a single notification for the whole pipeline.

The issue as you can see in the example above, is that whilst some of the test workflows failed, the NightlyPublishTest doesn’t have any idea of this, and just sends a successful notification even though it should be marked as failed. Note that I have the stage for NightlyPublishTest set as always run despite failure, as it will be skipped otherwise.

Any suggestions on how I could get this working?

@bewa Did you figure this out? I am in the same situation as you

The Slack step knows about the pipeline status so your setup is correct and I would recommend the same.

I have created a sample pipeline with a similar setup and did a quick test and in my example the Slack step reported the correct pipeline status. But it is obvious that it does not do this in your setup so there is a problem somewhere.

I would recommend either creating a support ticket with us ( or just simply add a build url to this thread and turn on support access (Enabling the Bitrise Support Access for your app - Bitrise Docs).

If you do this then me or someone else from the team can have a look and figure out what is wrong.