Show unavailability of generic file storage (in Code Signing tab)

Description of the feature request

When a new generic file storage item is added, it takes a number of hours before it is available. It would be user friendly to show a warning in the UI stating that it is ‘pending’ or ‘awaiting cache update’ or whatever

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Well actually I won’t use it ofter in the future, but such a warning would have saved me a lot of time trying to debug my script after it didn’t seem to work because the generated env var with the download url was empty for at least 3 hours after the file was uploaded.

Hi @Michiel,

The generic file storage files are available in the build as soon as they show up on the UI. My guess is you uploaded a file yesterday, when there seemed to be a bug with the website sending down the download URLs to builds. The fix was deployed after a few hours and now works as expected.

Ah ok, it was yesterday indeed… In that case: ignore it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience @Michiel! :slight_smile: