Show the date in the timestamp on jobs

What date did this job finish?

You’ll never know based on the information provided by the UI. I’m aware mouse hovering reveals a tooltip with the date however that’s a bad UX.


Also, you can see the date at the date section header in the list.

No… there is no date on the job details page. I recommend checking out how other services handle this, they all provide a similar user experience.

Firebase test lab:

Click More details

The date is hidden by default…

I’m proposing something like this:

This is the first time I’ve seen a job page that intentionally hides the date.

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Sure, I see your point, and thank you for the #feature-request !

I just wanted to mention that it’s possible to see the date(s) - it’s not an easy thing to provide as much info as needed, where needed, but still keep the UI “clean”, there’s always something to improve!

Thanks again for the #feature-request , I’ll bring this up with the team too :wink:

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It’s finally in production:

Thanks for the #feature-request @bootstraponline! :wink:

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That is amazing! Nice work. Now I will know when these jobs have completed. :slight_smile:

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