Android Google Play Deploy - Production vs rollout track

Hey there,

I’m wondering which track I should use for rolling out an app after merging to master - rollout or production.
I’d like the apk to be uploaded to Google Play but I want to manually release the app myself in the console.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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We’re doing the same thing on one of our apps.
The build always pushes to Alpha track, our internal testers are all subscribed to that, so they can test.
And then when it’s all good and approved, it’s just to manually to Google Play console to move to production.


@sb_ronaldopace I am working on same lines. I have problem though,
While I push on development branch, I generate build and have set the Track as alpha. I also observe that APK is successfully uploaded to alpha track


But still, the build is not available in Alpha Release history. Also I dont get mail regarding this APK update

@viktorbenei @bitce Can you guide me on this? I have spent a day to figure this out

Unfortunately, I for one can not directly help here, have you tried contacting Google Play Console support? Based on your description this doesn’t sound like it’s working as intended

Thank you @bitce for being quick :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a question, when i generate build irrespective of what track, is the build rolled out by bitrise’s Google Play Deploy workflow?

That’s correct as long as you’re using that step. :wink:

Oh ok! In that case, i will try rollout track and update here

Keep us updated, let us know how it goes!

That worked fine for me @bitce

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