Shared Secrets: managing secrets on Bitrise has just become a whole lot easier!

Shared secrets is out today for all customers on Velocity, Mobile DevOps Platform, Dedicated or Private plans.

Instead of adding secrets one-by-one and spending hours on each app, spend a couple of minutes once and every project setup will become a breeze. Need to rotate your secrets? Same deal.

Define secrets in one place to use them everywhere

  • You can now add secrets on a workspace level and all of the workspace’s apps will have read-only access to them.
  • If you want to overwrite the value on the app level, you can still do that by creating a new secret with the same key
  • Increased security due to only Owners and Managers having access to managing shared secrets
  • Enjoy all the usual benefits of secrets even when they are shared, such as protective state, redaction in logs, and more.

For more information about the setup, visit our Devcenter.

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