Create API to add secret env variable direct to the app


Description of the feature request

As Travis/circle do with a secret variable to be encrypted with their public key at client side and let it store at .yml or be the bitrise way don’t show secrets at yml, but at least you can add/modify/delete secret variable using APIs.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Project creation, configure, build, test everything we can automate by consuming bitrise APIs, but we can not push builds to the App Store/Play Store due to not able to add secret variables. If this possible, bitrise will be a fully automated solution for robust build, test and release system. We have 120 apps and it is hard to manage the secret variable to each app.
If it has some security issues with APIs, IMO we can encrypt with bitrise public key and then send the payload. Each time client call this APIs existing secret variable can be override (for delete or modify purpose).



Thanks for the #feature-request @gauravds!

Completely understandable use case :slight_smile: