Share the app state (e.g source directory with installed libraries) between multiple workflows


I set up multiple workflows running in parallel for tests and archiving using Start Build/Wait for Build steps. After both finish, the build is sent to the App Store Connect. The problem is that I have duplicate steps in both workflows such as Activate SSH, Clone Repo, Cache Pull, Bundle Install, Pods Install, Cache Push, Install Certificates, etc. I want to start one workflow which does these steps and then the other one which continues from that state. I tried to do by rearranging Start Build/Wait for Build steps but I got .workspace doesn’t exist error. Any ideas?



Hi @sukhrob_khakimov,

Thank you for reaching out.

Can you please share links to your build(s) in question and a copy of your bitrise.yml?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

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Please follow-up with the previously requested information. Otherwise in 5 business days I will close the topic. Thanks!