Setup build path for Android and iOS using Appium

Hi all,
I’m using appium for testing Android and iOS applications.
My current workflow allows to create required build file (.apk or .app) and deploy it bitrise.
I already have separate project for UI testing with Appium and I just use it as next step after specific build will be ready.
But the main problem is how to correct set the build path for DesiredCapabilities in Appium project?
On my local machine it’s just hardcoded and build is located in project by itself.

Hello there @aherashchenko

could you use a relative path? so it will be found on bitrise as well, if it is in the project.
(something like `./appium/suff ?)

and could you link me a build’s url where this is a problem?

Hello @fehersanyi-bitrise

yes, I can. Only one thing is how to copy the app from $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR to the project to use the known path instead of bitrise environment env in case I need to test the app after deploy-to-bitrise-io step.


with a normal script step and a cp $BITRISE_IPA_PATH /my/custom/path
but you can use the env var, I mean the $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR for the whole build after the archive generated the ipa.

got it, thanks a lot!

After building your iOS app, how did you set the app path to desired capabilities? I tried to set $BITRISE_APP_PATH but does not work for me

@rafaelcrvs unfortunately, I don’t have an access to the Bitrise project dashboard, so can’t check it now.