Service credential User - Test git connection UX


I would like to report a big UX problem (IMO) about the Test git connection button found in the Service credential User section of the project’s Team settings.

So, I was setting up my project and PR status was not correctly being configured. I knew it was the service credential user.

So I went there, in the dropbox selected the correct user, then press Test git connection button. And it was always failing saying the access token was not set. It was weird because this user is configured globally and it was working in other projects.

After an hour or two of fiddling and reading, I tried saving the changed and then doing the test button. And this time, it worked!

It’s then that I realized than changing the selected value in the dropbox did not affect the button at all and instead, was still testing the connection with the previous user, which was indeed not having access.

I highly recommend that the button becomes contextual based on the current dropbox selection and not tied to the currently saved value.

At the very least, it should be 100% clear what is the current user that will be used to test the connection. Potential solutions (maybe apply more than one):

  • The button text could have the username in it.
  • A label could explain the behavior
  • The error message should contain the username for which connection failed.
  • On failure, a label could appear explaining for which user the connection was made for.


Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting and for suggestions.
We’ll start working on the fix, I’ll let you know once it’s released.

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Thank you for your feedback and advice.
We are already released the fixes but if you have any further problems please let me know.


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All good, thanks!