Sending Bitrise updates to Google Chat / Hangouts

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We need to send updates for builds to Google Chat / Hangouts, similar to the available integration with Slack, it must be a very easy to develop feature, can you please point me to the bitrise API / webhooks documentation relevant to this?


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Google Chat API is straight forward.

Hello, Ping!

Hi @m.sawan,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately we do not have this feature existing at the moment, however, we do have an existing feature request about this: Google Chat integration

Please make sure to vote for that and let us know if you have any questions!

Perfect, I work with Mike in the same team :slight_smile:.

Actually this post is to discuss the best way to approach this, I was thinking to try to code the integration myself, and potentially contribute this back.

First, I need to know if there is a way to get web hooks for bitrise events (a build has started, failed, succeeded,…) which includes the details of the build (link,…), and where can I configure the URL for the custom service to be called with these details.



I suggest you to use this post, it is awesome and really handy:

@m.sawan you can’t handle webhooks in steps - steps are performed during the build, while these events happen after the build.

If you have your own server and that’s what you meant then sure, we support Outgoing Webhooks:
Quite limited right now but should do the trick :wink: You’ll most likely have to combine it with the API, as the hook only includes some base details (e.g. build started/finished includes the build’s ID, but not its artifacts), you can get the rest via the API (API - Bitrise Docs).

But, for simple updates/message you don’t even need these. If you want to do something like our Slack step that’s really simple to do in just a step, without any webhooks or api :wink:

I’d suggest you to check similar steps, e.g. our slack step (GitHub - bitrise-steplib/steps-slack-message: Send a Slack message) or the hipchat steps ( GitHub - bitrise-steplib/steps-hipchat: HipChat or GitHub - bitrise-steplib/steps-hipchat-v2 ).

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile: