Script is never finishing

In one of my workflows, I need to setup a VPN connection at first, in order to access a company’s internal repository. I’m using the generic script runner step ( All seems to work fine, installing, setting up and launching openconnect, but the script never ends. My build fails because of timeout.

I am not an bash expert (like, at all!) but I tried it in a local docker container and script works fine and finishes well.

Unfortunately I cannot provide the exact script as it references company configuration, but it looks like this:

apt-get install -y openconnect
echo -e $VPN | sudo openconnect [VPN_ADDRESS] --servercert [SHA1] &
# writing stuff to /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf

Build log shows that the script succeeded but current step never finishes and next step is never called. Does anybody have any idea why?

Hello there! it seems you make a connection and never drop it so it stays still. please try this:

echo -e $VPN | sudo openconnect [VPN_ADDRESS] --servercert [SHA1] &> $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR/logs.txt &
# writing stuff to /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf

Thank you! It works like a charm!

(but I didn’t know each step induced a download of its own code, so when setting up VPN, next step still fails because of connection refused, but that’s another topic I will investigate now :wink: )

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