Save only signed apks

It’s not trivial to save only signed apks (signed by the Sign APK step).

Deploy to step does not support wildcard.


Signed APK created at: /bitrise/deploy/app-release-unsigned-bitrise-signed.apk
it’s fine, but deploy fails
Deploy source path does not exist at the provided path: /bitrise/deploy/*-signed.apk

there must be simple way to deploy only release apks

That’s because the Deploy to step does not support wildcard in the path.

The easiest solution right now is to use the the signed APK’s path as the Deploy directory or file path input of the Deploy to step.

If you use the Sign APK step, that exports the apk’s path in the BITRISE_SIGNED_APK_PATH environment variable, so you can set the Deploy directory or file path to $BITRISE_SIGNED_APK_PATH.

it works if there is only one flavor generated, it would be nice to have wildcard working

Just a note: You can use wildcard filtering in the Gradle Runner step (APK file include filter input option).

If you configure your Gradle config for code signing then the Gradle Runner step should be enough, no need for the Sign APK step.

Note: You can find a detailed #how-to guide about how you can use the APK filter at: