Run-If expression evaluated to false

I keep seeing this in CLI:

WARN[11:58:07] The step’s (deploy-to-bitrise-io) Run-If expression evaluated to false - skipping
INFO[11:58:07] The Run-If expression was: .IsCI

I need to run this step to see the logs.


Hi @kausi,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

The run_if statements are a mechanism provided by the CLI to let Steps (or you, in your bitrise.yml) specify a condition. The Step is only performed if that condition is met (if the expression evaluates to “true”). Related docs: and for “IsCI” directly:

Steps can define a default value for run_if in their step.yml step descriptor, e.g. in this case the Deploy to step’s step.yml / Step descriptor can be found at:

You can overwrite this run_if in your bitrise.yml, simply specify e.g. run_if: true if you want to disable the default run_if specified for the step (you can find a bitrise.yml example in the docs at ).

Now, in this particular case, the Deploy to step is marked to only run in “CI” environment because it requires inputs which you can’t provide locally, so there’s no point in running (and failing) it on your Mac/PC. The Deploy to step is designed to attach artifacts to the related build, and when you run your build locally there’s no build to attach the artifacts to.

One last note for run_if: .IsCI - you can enable steps which are marked with .IsCI as the run_if expression (e.g. Git Clone, Activate SSH Key, Deploy to, …) by setting the environment variable CI to true (e.g.: export CI=true) before you’d bitrise run WORKFLOW. Alternatively you can provide the --ci flag for bitrise run: bitrise --ci run WORKFLOW.

If you have any questions just let us know!