Evaluate `run_if` before launching step



Description of the feature request

It would be great to evaluate run_if before running the step to avoid to wait for 5-20s

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I have, for example, a yaml with a generic mobile pipeline (android/iOS, with or without the support of ReactNative). This pipeline cover then RN/Android/iOS for building and testing.

In some cases (and to keep my file generic), I want to build only Android without RN and without tests. To do so we use environment variables linked to the run_if in the yaml.

The issue here is that each time a step is launched there is an “initialisation time” of 5-20 seconds. This is making the pipeline running for a longer time. If the run_if condition was evaluated before it would improve the pipeline execution time which would be a great improvement for us, users, as well as for bitrise (less hardware user => more job can be run).


Thank you for the feature request! :upside_down_face:


+1000 ! We would like the same feature (requested already one year ago to the support)

It would reduce few minutes on each of our builds !!!


+2000 It would reduce few minutes on each of our builds