Roll back to previous release

Hi folks,

Is it possible to roll back to previous build or release, as supported on Bamboo (that keeps artifacts/published-docs for long time).
I want to only re-run the deployment in which case the whole build should not start from beginning.
On Bitrise currently i have not seen such a roll-back option.

Any info regarding this ?

Hy there, we keep the artifacts for years as far as I know so you should be able to get them :thinking:
is your goal to set back a version on google play/app store tho?

Hi @fehersanyi-bitrise,

Glad to hear that.
I need to figure out, how to roll-back to previous release without rebuilding the app from beginning.
Can you share any article or link regarding this.
or can you guide me in that direction please.

Thank you.

I’m afraid that this is not possible from our side, I think this should be managed on either google play or itunes connect :thinking:

This is not about Google Play releases.
I am talking about roll-back on Bitrise. :slight_smile:

You mean to set the workflows back to a state it was successful? :thinking:
Or I am really lost here :sweat_smile:
if you want to roll-back the workflow, then you can do it here
you go to the build that succeeded, click the show yml and on the bottom, there will be a button to restore it to that state

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