Report on CPU and memory usage for a workflow execution

Description of the feature request

We would like to be able to analyze the CPU and memory usage throughout a workflow execution.

The metric could be broken down by each step of the workflow and presented as the average, p90, max and perhaps a chart with the utilization across time.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We are not sure whether or not the machine type we are using has enough resources to run our end-to-end tests.

The tests sometimes fail with no reason and we suspect that the machine is running out of resources to properly simulate the iOS device.

We want to allocate enough resources for our workflows and also reduce the machine type to save credits where possible.

@nicolas.iensen - Looks like you have an issue with tests failing abruptly or for no reason. It’s a good hypothesis that the machine is running out of resources. I would suggest you submit a support ticket here. I also recommend enabling support access before submitting so we can take a look at the build URL.