Removing myself from a Team / Organization / Group

I would like to remove myself from a team, but I can’t understand how to do it.
I cannot ask to the team owner, can I do it by myself?
Or can you do it for me?

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Hi @sirioz ,

To leave an app/group/team/organization:

If you were invited to the app directly and want to leave that app

  1. open the app on
  2. go to the Team tab
  3. click the Leave this team button

If you’re part of an Organization and want to leave that Organization/Group

  1. open
  2. go to your Account Settings page
  3. on the left side locate the Organization you want to leave
  4. select the People view
  5. locate yourself and click the red X button at the right side

If you only want to remove yourself from a single Group of the organization, you can do it in the Groups view, with the red X button.