Quality report in numbers

I need to build quality report (test code coverage / lint / Swift lint / checkstyle … etc). I know there is already ways to generate HTML report. But I am interested in summary only.

Lint errors: 16
Test code covarage 50%

How can I do this in bitrise?

Hi @hisham.bakr!

Thanks for asking! A very similar questions was asked and Viktor when through the options in this thread, please see: Reporting on tests, code coverage, etc. available on dashboard?

Many thanks bitce for reply but that thread is not talking about my question. that thread is talking about full reports.

I am talking about summary numbers in one report. eg:

code coverage: 30%
swiftlint errors: 15

I see, thanks for clarifying!

Unfortunately there isn’t any easy method to do this because the steps do not include outputs of summaries like this. You guys would have to make sure the info is generated in the reports and parse the data for yourself.

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