Pull Request support for AzureDevOps (VSTS)


Description of the feature request

For the moment Bitrise webhooks integration with VSTS is only limited for Code Push and Tag Push event.
I’ts very appreciable to have support for Pull Request Created/Updated as well
As you can see in VSTS Service Hooks already have the necessary event for that.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Some organization (like ours) is tied with VSTS and all of our repos are in there. We already have setup our mobile CD/CI in Bitrise and it wont be completed without a PR builds

Git clone cannot merge when PR build is triggered from api

Hi @aladdinG,
Thank you for the feature request and describing your use case! We already have a card for this in our board and I also added this feature request to the notification list, so we’ll get back to you here as soon as the feature is ready! :slightly_smiling_face: