Project path has an invalid extension, excepted '.xcodeproj' or '.xcworkspace'

I’ve created a .NET MAUI demo project I want to deploy ad-hoc to my IPhone.

I followed this instruction: .NET MAUI apps on Bitrise | Bitrise

The error I get during the build is this:

- project_path: MonkeyFinder/MonkeyFinder.csproj
Run: opening container failed: project path (/Users/vagrant/git/MonkeyFinder/MonkeyFinder.csproj) has an invalid extension, excepted '.xcodeproj' or '.xcworkspace'

I guess this error means, that my project is not an XCode project. But according to the GitHub project used in the blog article BigIslandBarcoding/BigIslandBarcode at main · bitrise-io/BigIslandBarcoding · GitHub, it’s also a *.csproj that is being used.

What am I overlooking?

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