Posting test results and swiftlint results to GitLab

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I have integrated my project on GitLab with Bitrise and I can see the green pipeline status in my GitLab merge requests. However, how it looks now is different than how it normally looks when I used GitLab runners. The current flow is like this:

  1. Push to the repo and pipeline is triggered
  2. Pipeline on Bitrise runs swift lint and unit tests
  3. Swift lint results are visible only in the Bitrise logs, unit test results can be inspected in the artifacts section, none of this is visible on GitLab, only the green pipeline status, but that doesn’t reflect if lint or tests are actually green.

My previous flow:

  1. Push to the repo and pipeline is triggered
  2. Pipeline runs on a runner
  3. Swift lint results and unit tests results are visible on the GitLab merge request page <- this makes it much more visible!

So my question is this: is it possible to push the swiftlint and unit tests results back to GitLab so that it’s visible there? I’m assuming for the unit tests it should be easier because in the artifacts section they are already visible. The swift lint step, on the other hand, has no configuration option to output .xml instead of just inline log, so that may require forking the step to get the .xml in the first place. And then push it somehow back to GitLab together with the unit test results. Am I understanding this correctly?

HI @jakub_tutti,

Thank you for reaching out.

This is currently not something that we support out of the box however you could make use of the Bitrise API (more details found here: to get the artifacts from a build and then you could create a bot or some other kind of mechanism to post that to your merge request.

Please don’t hesitate to follow-up if you have any other questions.

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Please let us know if you have any other questions. Otherwise, I will close this topic in 5 days.

Hi Luna,
Thanks for the reply, I know what to do now, so you can close this.

Have a nice day.

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