Possible to change the repository from an open GitHub project to a private bitbucket project?

I have an app setup with an open GitHub project, and spent sometime getting the provisioning profiles setup and got everything to work. But we decide to move the project to a private repository at bitbucket. I tried changing just the repository URL under settings but it failed to retrieve the code I think because of some credential issues.

Any help?

Hi @etechfocus!

So, for open-source projects we offer free Developer plans. We do not offer you this if you are using a private repository. Most likely your builds are failing due to the lack of SSH authentication happening. This is disabled for public projects - since they are public availably and are not necessary there - and this way you can not abuse the system and redeem a paying plan for free when you are not eligible for it - like the scenario you describe.

You can simply add the bitbucket project as a new app however and get rolling in no time :slight_smile:

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