Possibility to share a corporate link within Bitrise organization

Banner with a link to corporate knowledge base

At our company we have a community of advanced Bitrise users. We also have a few internal knowledge base pages on how set up continuous integration with Bitrise for mobile projects.
Not all our engineers are aware about the community or the knowledge base pages. It would be awesome if we could share links to our internal MS teams channel with and knowledge base pages somewhere on Bitrise visible to all our Bitrise users.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Please add a possibility to share links to corporate knowledge base pages (possibly via a banner) with all Bitrise users that belong to a certain organization.

Hi @Tymur!

Thanks for the #feature-request! Can you please try to explain what you are looking for from Bitrise to assist you here in a bit more detail, as it is not entirely clear for us. Is there anything blocking you from sharing any sort of article in your own MS team channel right now? How can we help with that? What would this banner mean or how would it work and what would it include? Thanks!