PhaseScriptExecution Copy fails --> cordova build failed, error: exit status 65

Hi all,

I’m trying to migrate away from PGB, which is lacking the necessary updates to keep publishing iOS updates. I’m quite new to this, so I could use some easy to understand help. :angel:

The app I’m trying to build has a Cordova framework in it. A new project was created in Bitwise and I added the certificate and provisioning profile. However, the build fails and I don’t clearly see why.

The following build commands failed:
PhaseScriptExecution Copy\ www\ directory /Users/vagrant/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/DGH_SOP-cfwiwcffmraehwfixkufkiivotvu/Build/Intermediates.noindex/DGH\\
(1 failure)
xcodebuild: Command failed with exit code 65
cordova build failed, error: exit status 65
| |
| x | cordova-archive@2 (exit code: 1) | 37.82 sec|
| Issue tracker: …/ |
| Source: GitHub - bitrise-steplib/steps-cordova-archive |

The full log is available at Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery - iOS & Android Build Automation

Who can help me out here and get my project up and running again?

All my best,

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