On a gradle build, how to include both .apk and .aar

Our Android project on bitrise is a library (.aar file) and together with it there’s a minimum implementation app that we also use for integration tests (.apk file).

I’m trying to find a way to output both the library and application files.

Before we’re doing just the library and the “APK file include filter” was simple: release.aar
Now to output both I’ve tried *release*.apk$|*release.aar$

Needles to say it didn’t work, or else I would be here asking about it.

What would be the best way to output those two files on bitrise?

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Of course 30 seconds after posting the question I found the answer. Rubber ducky programming.

Simple, just use more than one Deploy to Bitrise.io step.

ps.: If moderation finds it useful, feel free to delete this topic


That’s the best kind! :wink:

I think leaving this #question-answer here is useful, if for nothing else then to help with searches - your initial post includes the right keywords to make it easy to search for :wink: