Npm install rate limit

We’re running into npm rate limiting when trying to run npm install.

It appears to be an issue with the build machines IPs not being whitelisted.

Bitbucket Pipelines were experiencing the same problem -

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Hi @nhammond, thanks for reporting the issue! We’ve already contacted NPM to whitelist our IP address, hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

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They reported that they whitelisted our affected IPs.

Please let us know if you’d still see rate limit errors, right now it seems to be resolved :slight_smile:

The problem might be back. Our yarn installs start randomly failing with 503 service unavailable and then a few hours later work again.
This repeats every 1-2 days

Hi @Freework,

Did you see it happening since? Whitelisting should be in place by now. If you’d still see it please create a #issues:build-issues report with the link of the build and we’ll check it ASAP! :slight_smile:

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