New step "wetransfer" available!

Hi there,

I inform you that the new wetransfer step is available for your bitrise worflow right now :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to give me little feedback.


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Awesome, thanks again @kawaiseb for the step and for joining our community! :wink:

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Hi @viktorbenei , i saw that wetransfer is blocking all request from the API… it returns the message “need_human_verification” or something like that. So it means that my step does not work :frowning: How to desactivate it from steplib ?

Is there any possible solution for this?

If you really need to do that, please place a step-info.yml into the step’s dir in the steplib, with a removal_date and deprecation note. An example PR:

Let me know if you’d have any questions!

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