Nested jobs, parallel, fork/join flow


We have a single repository which produces artifacts on multiple platforms.

Today we have single “watchdog” job which is looking for changes in the particular branch and then kicks platform-specific jobs via api call with curl - quite ugly and makes things complicated when we need to pass data from parent job to child ones. Besides the parent job has no information about execution status of children.

Is there a nicer way to configure jobs so that one job can kick another one and watch it’s status and pass data nicely back and forth?


Hi @max,

Unfortunately no, not right now. We have plans, but right now the way you described is probably the best.

One thing you can think about to leverage, if you have an external server, is the new Outgoing Webhooks:
With that & with the API ( it should be possible to have more advanced setups :slight_smile:

Is there any progress on this feature?

Hi @max! In case you’d like to see this happen, please see this request discussion for example: Parallel Builds: trigger multiple workflows (builds) at the same time - build stages - fan-out fan-in support - #33 by Torsph if it describes your needs please vote for it, otherwise submit a request yourself! :slight_smile: