Mercurial support

Description of the feature request

Please provide support for Mercurial repositories.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I realize Git won the war, but we’re pretty entrenched on Mercurial - at least for the time being. We use private repos in BitBucket. Thanks to @viktorbenei, I think we will be able to use web hooks for now to at least test out bitwise, but it would be great to have first class support for Mercurial. The plumbing code shouldn’t be too difficult, and I can definitely help there if you’d like.

Thanks for the #feature-request @Danmiser! :slight_smile:

I’ll copy my answer from the original thread (Bitbucket webhook - (base) Mercurial support), so serve as a summary for others about the state of Mercurial support:

For now what works: webhooks from Bitbucket will trigger a build (Bitbucket webhook - (base) Mercurial support), but you’ll have to roll your own “clone” step, the Git Clone step won’t work with mercurial repos.

Setup: register any git repo (e.g. using the Other / Manual option. Once the setup is done you can change the “REPOSITORY URL” on the Settings tab of the app to a mercurial one, and register a webhook manually on Bitbucket, using the webhook URL from the Code tab of the app (

If it’s a private repo then you’ll also have to use the SSH clone URL and register the SSH key (you can find on the app’s Settings tab on into your Bitbucket repo (

After this new commits should trigger a build, but you’ll have to replace the Git Clone step in the config with your own Mercurial clone Script step, utilizing the Environment Variables shared by

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Unfortunately there is not enough interest to justify the development required to implement this feature.