Bitbucket webhook - (base) Mercurial support


The (open source) Bitrise Webhooks processor now has base Mercurial support, thanks to @guitcastro 's PR.

Note: parameters like the branch’s name are still passed as BITRISE_GIT_BRANCH, BITRISE_GIT_COMMIT, … but should now include the right parameters for Mercurial repositories.

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Mercurial support

Are there any links to how to get this working? When I go to Add New App, it wants me to connect the repository, which appears to be hard-coded for git. Thanks for any help.

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@Danmiser We don’t have official Mercurial support right now. I’d suggest you to create a #feature-request so that we can track the status of this as well as share more info (not just us, but the community too).

For now what works … EDIT: discussion moved to the related #feature-request. Please see:

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